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12 East 49th Street
New York, NY 10017
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The job itself paid very well which created a sense of security. The management however leaves something to be deaired for. I came to work with pnuemonia for fear of being reprimanded if I were to call off. With that being said the management in contemporary, designer, and shoes were amazing. Being that I was in cosmetics, it was a sepearate entity and a completely different beast alltogether (different pay setup, hours, etc). A few things I was appreciative of while working there full-time were the perks (employee discount, paid time off, insurance), and the other employees who quickly grew to be like family. In the end I chose to go a different route and now freelance for Saks during makeup artistry events because the stress of the atmosphere was too much for being full-time.
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Saks, as well as HBC (our parent company), are amazing at accommodating their staff to work around their personal lives. I have never once had a problem with scheduling due to being a full-time student. I have had the pleasure of working at two different locations in my time with Saks. Both management teams are amazing. The only difference is the number of hours and rate of pay. My first store was almost always busy or we were almost always kept busy and my hours never dipped below 20 per week unless I specifically asked for time off. My current store in Chicago rarely has me over 30 hours a week, and even 25 hours a week is pushing it. This change would be fine if I got paid more for my time and efforts. Unfortunately, I barely get paid more than my first store despite the fact that it is more expensive to live in Chicago than it is to live in Arizona.
The ability for the outlet division, Saks Off 5th, to have the same opportunities if not different than the full-line stores. What I mean by that, is there should be remote and traveling roles to fill the gap for the customer to be able to shop at either line and still feel like they are at Saks Fifth Avenue. There needs to be more inclusiveness to those in the outlets because the outlet fashion is fashion too.