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About Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City...
4401 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO 64111
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Working for St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City has been one of the more rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my adult career. I have met some of the most amazing nursing staff in my time as both a CNA and as an EMU Technician. They are courteous, putting the patients needs and safety above all else. In the Neuro Science Institute, they have the most involved, comprehensive stroke care and a top quality Epilepsy Monitoring Unit specializing in seizures. The teamwork of the staff on the units and behind the scenes has been by far the most phenomenal I have seen. I have seen patients so happy with their care, they ask for pictures with the staff. It truly gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment to be part of this team.
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Love my job. Have amazingly supportive and helpful coworkers and caring, understanding management.
There is exceptional growth opportunities and career support services.
I have been with St Luke's for over 7 years and plan on staying after I graduate. I see people advance all the time. The unit I work on is like a small family we get together outside of work, and take vacations together. My manager takes the time to know each employees goal for their career and is always available to help them achieve it.