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150 North Eagle Creek Drive
Lexington, KY 40509
About the Area
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Dense Suburban
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My boss is the best. She is very flexible with me. If I need to change my work schedule or have time off, she works with me. She is supportive of my goals. She fights for our department, and to make our days at work easier.
I wish my boss had more freedom to hire new employees as needed. I do not know all the steps she has to take to get an open position approved, but there have been times when we were very short staffed due to co-workers moving away, starting graduate programs, or taking new jobs, but she was not allowed to replace them right away. We had stressed and overworked employees, including myself, for several months before she was able to hire on new people. Another effect of her limited ability to hire new people, is that she does not terminate people who need to go because we do not know when she will be allowed to replace them. It is very frustrating some times.
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I would like to see PRN employees be paid at they wage they deserve. I would like to see them get raises, like all other employees. Some PRNs work other jobs and still work for this organization without getting the proper hourly pay. PRN should get part-time status because part-time employees get benefits. Make all the employees feel like they are apart, not just some. We make this organization run too.
I love Saint Joseph East. It's a great place to work. One downside is that we are always making changes to policies and systems, so it can be frustrating.