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6161 South Yale
Tulsa, OK 74136
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Saint Francis is a good health system. I work in a very fast paced environment where the patient turnover rate is very high, but they are well taken care of. As far as co-worker friendliness, I feel like my unit is better than others. I've had to float to other units to help when they're short staffed and there are a couple of units that are not as kind or friendly. From what I have heard about hospitals, Saint Francis is more reliable as an employer and provides better benefits. I made my choice to work at Saint Francis over another hospital because Saint Francis had more to offer on their tuition reimbursement program. They are very understanding and supportive of people who want to go back to school and further their careers.
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I currently work at Saint Francis Hospital, as a certified nurses' assistant. I work on a neuro/trauma ICU, and I really enjoy the teamwork and support we all offer to each other. Nursing can be draining, mentally, physically and emotionally. I would love to see support groups or even work relationships grow outside of the work environment.
Co-workers and Supervisors are excellent to work with. Pay is not great. Benefits are good. All levels of education can find a job here. Yearly salary raise and bonus are pitiful, but better than nothing. Not much opportunity here to go up the ladder. People who work here for 5 years end up sticking to it and work till retirement here. Once you hit the 5 year mark the benefits are amazing. There are a few floors where the staff do not work as a team, but most floors have amazing team work.