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25 Pocono Road
Denville, NJ 07834
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I am a Registered Nurse who works on a Medical Surgical floor. I have been here for three years and I have to say I love the people I work with. I work night shift and although it is very hard on your body, the relationship among the night shift staff makes coming to work pleasurable.
What I would change would be to have a better working environment with the doctors. I have found that as nurses we interact with the patients for our 12 hour shift vice the doctors who only see the a short period of time before they reach our floor. By enhancing the relationship between nurse and doctor, it will make the care provided by the support staff easier and more efficient.
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As a PBX operator, I enjoy working with the staff of Saint Clares. People are always willing to help in any sort of way!
I really enjoy working here, it's a small community hospital but I have learned more than I could imagine while being a nursing assistant. I have been here approximately a year and a half and the work is physically tiring and mentally some days, but I couldn't ask for a better experience or better people to work alongside.