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5151 N 9th Ave
Pensacola, FL 32504
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I've worked for 2 amazing managers and a significant amount of wonderful coworkers. We are a team! I came right out of school to this job in the field that I graduated in and they have really helped me grow into a spectacular Medical Assistant.
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I have had a great experience working in this hospital. Each individual is geared toward providing a positive place to seek treatment, as well as, employment. This hospital is known for being a place worth staying employed at because they treat you closer to family than an employee.
I was a transporter at Sacred Heart in Pensacola and loved it. It was my first job coming out of high school and was nervous. Everyone from the doctors to the janitor made the work environment enjoyable. I seen first hand how great the nurses and staff were to the patients. Transporting the patients was great in itself. The hospital is well maintained and very clean. Just being a transporter I gained so many benefits including health insurance. I was very pleased working there and have a huge respect for healthcare workers because of Sacred Heart. The pay could be a ľittle Better but that's everywhere now days.