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1653 West Congress Parkway
Chicago, IL 60612
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Working here has been phenomenal! Specifically speaking, as a nurse there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your field. Management encourages you to reach higher ranks of education and involvement. They have great benefits and compensation!
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For the company to be more diverse and respect one another. To respect everyone view, no matter the color of skin. Instead of taking sides, ask questions showing that you are concern. Leadership needs to know how to address situations. They need to be held responsible when they are wrong, so many situations are not look at or just push under the rug. So many people have suffer and so many are still suffering. However, working as a team is my main priority and giving the patient the best care. Often times co workers allow their titles to control who they are and how they act towards another employee.. Everyone needs to be treated with respect. Finally, work is consider my second family. I believe in building a foundation that gives off positive vibes. That way the patients will trust and feel safe.
Rush is a spectacular place to work. They provide such a great atmosphere to grow and evolve into the person that you want to become in your career. Everyone is happy and willing to take you under their wing and teach you new things. As a student nurse, this has been an exceptional experience in providing me learning opportunities outside of being in school. Rush is also one of the best hospitals and medical schools in the region. The School of Medicine and the School of Nursing is outstanding, with a very remarkable reputation that can be backed up with their many awards and achievements. I would highly recommend this place for anyone seeking employment and/or education. I also can't write a review without mentioning their outstanding standard of care that they provide for the patients.