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420 Franklin Street
Rumford, ME 04276
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2 reviews
I received my CNA the same year I graduated high school, back in 2010. I quickly got hired at the rumford community home where at first, I loved what I did. The job at the nursing home quickly burnt me out. I was constantly covering open shifts,working over time that lead to constant 16 hour shifts and we were never ending short handed. So I gave up and decided that maybe this isn't the field I was to go into at all. Moving seven years later down the road I got hired at the Rumford hospital, per diem on med/surg and in the ER. I quickly noticed the teamwork- everyone was willing to lend a helping hand, the kindness of all the employees - from environmental services to the doctors, everyone was so nice! Throughout my two years at the hospital I have gain my desire to want to go back to school for nursing. My faith and hopes for the medical field have returned in full bloom and I want to continue it at the rumford Hospital, because there's no where else's I want to be!
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Average staff-to-patient ratio and staff is all fairly helpful and team oriented. Nurses pitch in to do their fair share and are kind. Work load is well distributed. The 12+ hour shifts are long, but typical for this line of work. You get a sense of making a difference. Get to work with a broad range of individuals with varying levels of ability, both patients and coworkers.