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While most of the reviews seem to be from walkers and sitters, my review is from the perspective of an actual employee that works at Rover HQ and helps support the app/product.

Overall, Rover has been an average experience for me. I've had plenty of opportunity to try my hand at developing a variety of skills and contribute to the company in multiple meaningful ways.However, instead of your pay increasing, look for the bar for your role to be continually raised and expectations to shift.

Rover pays you like your average while telling you that you're fantastic and working for a noble cause. That’s acceptable at a nonprofit, and I've done that before, but I can't accept that from a corporation looking to make money and potentially go public one day.

I'm thankful for the opportunities and great people I've been able to meet at Rover. Due to the pay issues above + no matching 401k, questionable leadership delegation tactics, and other corporate pain points -- I'm settling on a 3/5.
The job's flexibility made it a great opportunity for a college student to work for! The app is easy to use and friendly for customers and employees alike.
I love working for Rover. I think it’s an amazing app for pet owners. It does background check on would be sitters or walkers for your pet and you can read people’s profiles and reviews to see who works for you. I’ve really enjoyed working for Rover. The only thing I’d say is I wish the took a smaller percentage of what your paid but you can always increase your rate. Oh and sometimes people charge ridiculous amounts just because it’s the holidays. I’m very grateful for Rover.
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Provided incentives for working and adequate support for unexpected issues. Provided a great platform to contact customers.
Lovely company to work for, love being able to meet people and their pets. I get to spend time with dogs, while I can't have them myself. It's a fulfilling type of work, and enjoy it very much.
Rover is a great company to work with! They're always looking out for the well-being of their sitters and the clients and provide the sitters with plenty of resources to keep their client's pets safe. They also make their application easy to use for the sitters so they can set rates that work for them and keep rates for regular clients steady. Rover also had a great orientation process when I first joined as a sitter and ensured that I was comfortable and knew how to use the service safely and responsibly.
I wanted a job where I could work with animals, but get paid decently.Then I stumbled upon through some Google searches. Applying to work for is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Why? is an amazing website to connect with dog owners and their sweet animals. If you love dogs or cats, then Rover is definitely a good job to apply for. Rover is an easy app to download and the application process is also straightforward. What I love about Rover is the homeowners are so understanding and so kind. I have met some of the coolest and nicest people through this app and made wonderful connections with animals that will always hold a special place in my heart. is an excellent company that provides a friendly community of dog sitters, nice dog owners, and a safe environment.
This company is great and always has people that need dog walkers! I love using this application because it is very reliable and a great way to communicate! I love the system and the way all of it works.
Great opportunity to take care of dogs on your own time by creating your own schedule. Rover is a great side hustle to make extra money. And that is what it was and is for me still. You can take clients as you please. And get to spend time with other peoples cute pets! You set your own prices and charge what you believe is fair. Only drawback is that the company takes 20% of your earnings. And on top of that the only way to withdraw your money earned is through pay-pal or check. And if you do a mailed check they take $2 off the check to send it.
Other than that this is a great side hustle to make extra money, and you can 'work' as much or a little as you want and can.
Working for Rover is great. You are your own boss, you run your business how you like, work when you want and best of all, are around dogs all day! Its a great way to make some extra cash when your in school.
Rover has been a great site to connect me to pet owners. I am able to message them quickly and effectivly.
I enjoying working at Rober because after ten years of working in the restaurant industry with tight hours and long days of hard physical work, Rover allows me to work the hours that I choose and to work from home. Working with dogs is a joy because they are always full of energy and very sweet. The pay is good, except after Rover takes a pertange out of your pay. It can be a lot of work once the dog is gone and it’s time to clean your house.
The company advertises my services and matches me with potential clients. They promote me, so that I am able to grow my business.
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