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757 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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I’ve always known I wanted to work in the science field and doing research at UCLA helped be pinpoint the exact profession I saw myself working in. I work in the CRU as a Research Assistant for various cancer studies. Reading through all the research manuals helped my fall in love with the medications and their mechanisms in the human body. I worked closely with physicians, patients, nurses, and pharmacists and I was able to see how the magic comes to light in the field.
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Great experience! The volunteer program is amazing. The volunteer coordinators, nurses and physicians are super helpful and want you to learn out of your experience there.
The food is great , the cafeteria is full of all kinds of food very healthy, low sodium and fresh fruit it's all delicious. Their minestrone garden vegetable soup is amazing. They even have vegan options.

I am so happy and grateful to the amazing nurses who helped me after I had my son, a special thanks to Teresa RN who gave us advice my husband and I still use, Maria RN who gave our baby his first bath.
Doctors thank you, your attention to detail, and efficiency and patience in explaining everything step by step and taking the time to listen to our concerns made us feel so much at ease and ready to take on the role of second time parents.