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Working for riverside is a pleasure. I've been employed for 4 years and I don't see myself leaving the company until I am accepted to RN school. The only downside I find with riverside is that our pay rate as lpn nurses are somewhat lower than other healthcare's in our area and that certain departments did not receive the market adjustment this year
I loved working at Riverside. I have worked as a CNA, Med Surg nurse, a home health nurse, and a case manager. All were good experiences. Pay is good/competitive. Insurance is good but expensive.
Friendly environment. The health system standing up for nurses against aggressive patients and doctors. Also a internship for nurses. Pay comparable to the level of hospital not the surrounding hospitals.
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great place to work, good hours, good pay with a chance for a raise every year based on your work, off on federal holidays, accumulate pto for personal time
great hospital and great care given to each patient. I work in a great office with great co workers and enjoy my job.
I'm currently an PRN Office Assistant. I go to different offices helping people with administrative duties. It is nice that I get a chance to meet new people almost every day, learn new skills and work on my own schedule. I just wish that for PRN we were able to have the benefit of educational assistance like everyone else.
I have been with the company for almost seven years. I like that you can grow opportunities within the company and you are able to transfer to different departments. I love the workplace culture and the different location the company has to offer. I have meet really great people within the community while traveling to different location within the medical group.
Riverside offers a lot of education free of charge to build one's skillset. If you are looking for a career in healthcare, you just need to apply yourself and Riverside provides the opportunities.
It's a very busy hospital and it gets chaotic sometimes but there is so much potential for growth and educational support. There is a sense of family every time I walk through the door.
My experience working at Riverside Regional Medical Center is great, great benefits, coworkers, managers. Great team to work with, I would like to see more PTO pay out again, be able to use your sick leave more, It would be great to have more class on hands within the hospital and get certified
Leadership is great when it comes to addressing the concerns of their staff. Work environment is friendly. Everyone works as a team. Leadership always keeps staff informed with any updates relate to the direct work flow
I love my job, they care about the patients and the employees. They really uphold the Riverside care difference by treating the patients as if they are their own families. Everyone that I have encountered are very nice and friendly, my manager is helpful and goes above and beyond for us in the office. I have learned a lot by working there and have developed a lot of skill set that would benefit me in the future.
It's awesome working here! The staff are very friendly, punctual, and dedicated. We look after each other and it's like being part of a big family. I am grateful that I get to work with such amazing people each week!
I love taking care of patients and helping around the Emergency Room. The one thing that could be better is that I could be making better money for the different things I am asked to do. The people who I work with for the most part are good workers but we have some people who don't participate in teamwork which also detracts from the work environment.
My experience as an OR assistant at Riverside has been fulfilling, challenging and though fun isn't the best choice of words but working with both patients and coworkers alike has been pretty fun or interesting. However to be honest the first day was tiring but like any work place its right fully so. There were many things I had to learn like where the OR was even at, but with time you pick up on it. It was fulfilling, to me at least, because I've had an interest in what goes on in the OR or really anything in the hospital and seeing the amount of people doing their specific jobs or even getting certain tools that I still have trouble pronouncing has been both new and fulfilling. I do hope in the near future that I am picked up as a member of this team and community and not just as a volunteer.
Riverside Regional Medical Center is a great place to work! I have been here for over four years now and it truly is a great experience. This medical center has many friendly workers whom are eager to help the community it serves.
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