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Riverside Community Hospital Reviews

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I really enjoyed watching the overall growth of the hospital. I watched the construction workers build an addition to the hospital. Once that new section of the hospital opened up it got incredibly busy, in a good way. More patients to coming to our hospital, there was a higher demand in nurses and other employees. That expansion created a new and improved addition to the hospital which in return created higher standards, more employment, and better quality care.
Really great employees and great higher level of care specialties: STEMI, STROKE and TRAUMA. Great registered nurses, improvements being made to hospital buildings and increase in the amount of patients we can hold at a time.
I am a part of COPE health scholars. It has opened the doors to my career path and I thank RCH for it. For the most part, every unit has its fair share of nurses who see you as an asset during your shift and then there are those who push you aside. I have had the opportunity to interact with the hospital environment, met a diverse community of patients, and become educated on the dynamic between the patient and the workforce.
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ER wait time has decreased dramatically. RCH is a multi-center hospital. It has an amazing trauma room with very knowledgeable staff running it.
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