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good structure, close to where i live so the commute is easy, the management needs to schedule better and run more efficiently during the week but other than that no major complaints.
I like how the management and team will go above and beyond to help everyone perform at their best. It is such a positive and encouraging environment. It is also easy for everyone to get along with each other. Everyone tries their hardest to ensure the best customer satisfaction for our guests. That is the most important thing for our company and if we did everything we could to do that then we have done our job right. I didnt always necessarily agreed with the training process and believe that it can be tweaked a little better. Overall such a great company to work for and I would recommend it to anyone to work there.
I had a very good time learning how to be a server here! There is lots of room for growth. I love my coworkers and I really felt as though I was given everything I needed to hone my skills.
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Restaurants Unlimited is a decent company to work for. As they are a large company located in the Northwest, there are many opportunities available to transfer locations in a variety of different restaurant styles. All of their restaurants have moderately high ticket prices which mean a higher amount of tips, however, staffing sometimes is an issue. Many of my coworkers had worked in other Restaurants Unlimited restaurants and they all complained of over-staffing. Management is often condensending, lazy, and rude. It doesn't matter how poorly a high-achieving member of staff treats their employees--corporate complaints do absolutely nothing.
The newness of the restaurant and the fact that it is part of a corporation means that there is a limited amount of crew influenced improvements to the operation methods but the locations makes it rather lucrative for employees.
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