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About Renown South Meadows Medical Center...
10101 Double R Blvd
Reno, NV 89521
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Renown South Meadows Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
Working at Renown South Meadows was a good experience. The management staff genuinely cares about the employees and tries to do the best they can for them. The hospital as a whole, however, does not compensate it's employees with a competitive salary and many end up leaving after a couple years to go to a neighboring hospital that pays better. The surgical department is decent but work gets pushed through quickly for higher turnover rates and therefore patient safety tends to get compromised.
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There is not much I would change about the work environment at Renown South meadows. It really has become a family, this is my second home.
I like the passion from all the health care providers. I'd like to see upper management & budgeting improve.