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1155 Mill Street
Reno, NV 89502
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I have been working at Renown Regional for a little over 2 years. I have been in the Patient Financial Assistance department for the duration of my stay. We have had some management change that has been both good and bad. Our departments is small but I feel like I am doing a good thing and helping people at work. I have been crosstrained in the Emergency Department as a Registrar and I enjoy working with those employees and supervisors. Overall, Renown's benefits aren't the greatest and with the COVID19 pandemic, employees feel like their contributions are taken for granted due to the lack of gratitude that has been shown for employees working through the pandemic.
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Very good work environment. Working the night shift is tough, both mentally and physically. I’m switching to day shift soon so that should help. The management is very accommodating & understands the demands of school/work load. They are very encouraging and motivational to bettering yourself and support your class schedule. They have a program in place to compensate for education assistance and have tuition and certification reimbursement. The benefits are amazing. They encourage a healthy lifestyle and have a program in place to challenge that. One can complete activities to earn a wellness discount on their healthcare plan. They have rewards, events, discounts & child care available for employees.
The orientation and job training is extensive and thorough. Once I make it to my desired profession, I see myself working here for many years to come.
Great hospital to work for! Good staff, good food options, and healthy living are greatly encouraged. Nurses can be rude at times, but most of the time the employees are friendly and caring.