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I loved being an employee at REI. The people are all awesome to work with, the discounts are great, and the atmosphere is very welcoming and in line with my values as an avid outdoors-man.
While the pay is not equivalent for the quality and quantity of the amount of work that is expected of you, the company does offer great health benefits, and has treated their employees well during this COVID-19 process. The management team will state one thing and do another, and it can be difficult to find opportunities to grow within the company. People are often looked over for promotions and hours can be inconsistent. The atmosphere among the employees is great, but everyone is struggling financially or has to work at least 2 jobs.
Very inclusive and the company cares about people over profits. We are closed on Black Friday and get paid for that day. We're also given two paid days off yearly whether you work 5 hours per week or 40. They encourage making time for yourself and helping to improve the environment.
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I really enjoy working at REI for the great work life balance and transparency of business decisions.
REI cares about its employees, and does a good job empowering them. From the lowest level sales position to the corporate level, everyone is a team.
The work-life balance at REI is incredible. They truly care about you and your opinion. It also helps to work with a bunch of awesome people who share the same passions you do!
The company cares about its employees and provides benefits for part time employees as well. I was able to transfer locations very easily with the help of my store managers. The staff at this company have very similar values and it makes the quality of workplace much better.
In general REI is a great place to work if you're in the retail industry. The culture is great and they definitely encourage growth. My only complaint is that the compensation is not what is considered a living wage. For such a high-end outdoor retailer, one would think they would pay a little better especially when they want you to constantly push membership to the Co-op.
REI is always willing to teach me things I don't know but want to learn, or work with me when I am having issues. I always feel supported and encouraged to pursue my goals.
I have worked at REI for 6 months and it is the best company I have ever worked for. They treat their employees very well, have a comprehensive training plan, and a lot of opportunity to move upwards if you're motivated. Plus you get to work with like minded people in a fun and laid back environment.
I like the casual and friendly atmosphere at REI. We are not required to wear uniforms and employees seem to always be happy - for good reason. REI truly cares about its employees and regularly offers awards/incentives to boost company morale. We are never required to up-sell any products to customers, only products that we know and love.
The culture of REI is unlike any other business I've worked for. We are all very passionate about the outdoors, and our goal is to encourage and educate people about the right gear for their journey outside. We do our best to create an experience for the customer by sharing our expertise in certain departments, as well as our experience in the outdoors. REI is taking big steps to provide good quality gear and equipment with companies that share the same goals of creating sustainable items that benefit the environment as well.
Great retail company to work for, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. It's great if you are seeking part-time work as the scheduling is flexible. The discount on products is amazing!
As a student the fact that REI is flexible with my schedule is very valuable. Pay is minimum wage but I get some paid days off and have the opportunity for a retirement account
Great management, fair treatment. I wish had more chances to get off the night shift, but they treat us great. They have open expectations and keep you undated on how you are preforming.
It was one of the best companies I've ever worked for! Everyone was very friendly, the managers were easy going yet efficient, the hours were flexible to my needs and the environment was always happy.
Working at REI is great: flexible hours, great benefits, positive work environment, and great discounts on quality outdoor gear. But the best part is the people. My coworkers are outstanding - nice, approachable, interesting, passionate, and encouraging; and the customers are great too - friendly, interesting, passionate about the outdoors.
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Overall, working for REI has been a great opportunity. The benefits are above average in the industry and the company is doing great things for the environment.
REI is a great company to work for. Not only does REI give money back to the community and local organizations. Even as part-time staff, REI offers fulltime benefits and summit pay (bonus). When you work at REI, you join a community that facilitates peoples passions!
The one thing I love most about REI is that I'm surrounded by the most unique individuals who have a love for the outdoors as much as I do. All they really want to do is help people get outside, that's what the company stands for and that's what is actually being carried out. REI's values are held strong all the way down to the associates on the floor and I love it.
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