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About Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg...
3000 St Matthews Rd
Orangeburg, SC 29118

About Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg

Health Care
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Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg Reviews

3 reviews
It’s a great place to work, I really enjoy my job. This hospital is a great place not only to work but get as a patient. My coworkers and staff are phenomenal people to work with snd to care for your love ones.You will appreciate your experience at the Regional Medical of Orangeburg South Carolina. I have work in varies parts of the hospital from emergency department, same day surgery, newborn nursery, and inpatients department. They all were great learning experiences which lead me to go back to college to further my educational background to envolve in the medical field. That’s why I’m finishing my degree in speech pathology to continue helping people in the medical field while loving what I do.
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My experience is very good. This establishment has very hard working and friendly people that work and come here. I would recommend this hospital for anyone to come to, working or being seen as a patient here. During my five plus years at this hospital, I have worked in many different departments. This hospital has truly shown me a lot during. I have worked in same day surgery department to inpatient department. I have had a lot of good experiences of taking care of patients. The patients and coworkers gives me so much joy when working with them. I am truly blessed to have a job and establishment that I love to work at. I enjoy what I do, but I would love to expand my horizons and extend my my wonderful spirits. That's why I decide to take up speech pathology. I can still enjoy my patients and have a career that love.
I have enjoyed my experience thus far at the Regional Medical Center. I am on OB Tech on the labor and delivery floor. One thing that I would like to change is the compensation. I've worked in other facilities in thebsame area, and the pay is alot better at those place. But because I love what I do, I will continue to work there.