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6312 Fiddler's Green Circle
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Reviews

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At Red Robin, I not only make good money and have the hours I need to still be successful in college, but I have made a second family with my fellow coworkers. We tell each other everything and even hangout outside of the workplace! I have been working here as a server for almost two years now, and I cannot imagine working anywhere else. The management is great and even creates fun and interesting games for us to participate in to keep everyone working hard but also enjoying their time working as well.
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Overall, I really enjoy my time with this company. Every time I would walk in the door, I would be greeted by my friendly coworkers who were awesome! It felt like we were all a family and that's why I enjoy the atmosphere. If I had to change one thing in the restaurant, it would be the speed of the food. Sometimes the kitchen gets backed up causing everyone to be flustered and leaving some customers angry. But other than that I do love working here.
Any serving job comes with its own array of challenges. Although the job isn't necessarily hard, you deal with a lot of stress from the number of people you have to interact with daily. The jobs best qualities were its flexible hours and awesome team members. I have worked with this company for almost nine years and one thing I have felt for a while is that the corporate office seems to know very little about the day-to-day interactions between guests and employees. They are constantly changing things about the experience and company culture and this seems to lead to high turnover.