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450 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
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My job is a very demanding environment both mentally and physically. Although I have really great people skills and make lots of money at this job, it has also brought a lot of stress and anxiety into my life. My new general manager lacks empathy and has no desire to get to know her staff which makes working full time and school full time nearly impossible at times.I know what you may be thinking, "well, why don't you find a new job or cut down your hours at Red Lobster so that you can focus on school";this would be an ideal scenario for me, but I have to pay for my tuition that's out of pocket while in school, every month 886$.I do not leave this company bc the money I make is great at times. I would 1,000% recommend this job to any student/person that is seeking fast cash and people that have great customer service skills. Overall, red lobster has been so great to me throughout the years (besides my new GM of course) and that is why I remain loyal!
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Overall Red Lobster has been a great place to work for. I'm a full-time engineering student so finding a balance between work and study has proven to be very difficult. The management has been so helpful with my schedule through all of my semesters. They are extremely understanding about my situation and very thoughtful. The benefits are awesome as well! I have great dental, and vision insurance through them. I would certain recommend working for a company as compassionate as Red Lobster!
I have loved working at Red Lobster and am consistently impressed by the culture, management, and the care that this company shows its employees and customers alike. My mom worked as a server here over 20 years before I began working here, and now my brother works at Red Lobster as well. This has been a wonderful company not only to my family, but to others I know, whose families have been helped when California wildfires have damaged their homes, or when coworkers families have suffered tragic events. They consistently care not just about quality service, but about their employees.