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About Raleigh General Hospital...
1710 Harper Road
Beckley, WV 25801
About the Area
  1. Crime & Safety
  2. Walkability
  3. Diversity
  4. Nightlife
Area Feel
Dense Suburban
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Raleigh General Hospital Reviews

3 reviews
This place has good teamwork. A lot of experienced employees willing to help even at the busiest times. Most of the time everything runs smoothly, but when it does not there is someone there to back you up and help to solve any problems there may be. Even on the hardest of days, there is still a good atmosphere and smiling faces everywhere around you. Without the coworkers I have, there would not be the satisfaction and happiness going to work everyday that I currently possess. This is what has influenced me to continue my education and be the very best that I can be.
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Great place to work, nice staff and wonderful nurses and doctors, the only down side is working there the senior staff is very complicated to work for sometimes. Pay isn’t that great had worked there for 5 years and only 1 raise due to starting pay increase. Good first-time job for younger people to get experience.
I love what I do I just think management needs some work. The job is very fast paced and your coworkers are wonderful and become more like family to you. The issue with management is they want to be your friend more then your boss and management will do anything to avoid dealing with the issues that need to be dealt with because of that it makes your job a tad bit more difficult.