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Overworked and underpaid! Management could care less! They cannot or will not hire even though we are short staffed!
It just took over, but it doesn't look too good. They are on a hiring lock, making us do hours and hours of new hire videos and tests, all while trying to do our own job short staffed.
I love it! The employees and supervisors always work as a team. The company provides employees with good dental, medical, and even 41k benefits. The employees can have family members in these benefits; I've been working for this company a little over 4 years already and I haven't had any complaint about it. The best part is if one of the employees wants to relocate, the company will guide you and help you with all your needs.
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Thus far great company. I have been trying to get in for years and I finally was hired on as a part time Phlebotomist examiner for home exams.
This company is horrible. They overwork their employees and underpay them. There is an active lawsuit against this company for those things. They will ignore your concerns and threaten you if you complain about the unfair conditions. Ever their clients complain about how the employees are treated.
Nice company to work for, great people and benefits! It has a great chance for advancements in many different fields. They also higher students, and the salary is very competitive. Definitely a place to work for.
I am a contractor. I get only 401k as a comp. As healthcare professionals, we must adhere to Quest standards of care and secure documentations. I received the best training and compensation.
I have been working here for 5 years as a life insurance examiner. the only think that I feel should change is that we should be paid for the mileage we put on our vehicles or provided with a company car.
They really take care of their employees and make sure you have everything you need to get your job done. I would always like more money
Love the family environment
I would like to see more intern opportunities, we work as a team. Sick time and vacation time is easy to get. Hours are not bad. We love our patients and clients. The commute is wonderful.
I love the company, and the people i work with. Id like to see some of the daily processes change, as well as how employees are evaluated.
Quest Diagnostics is an excellent company to work for. They really take care of their employees offering great benefits, bonuses , and incentives. They also offer other assistance programs which include legal aid and childcare accounts! The only thing I would change would be the flexibility on hours. Most positions are either full time Monday-Friday 8+ hour shifts or part-time Monday-Friday 4+ hour shifts. Would be nice to have the availability positions for 2-3 full days per week for part time employees.
The hours were flexible and there was no micromanaging. The downside to that is employees who choose not to use work time wisely get away with it very easily. The benefits and pay I would have to say are very competitive. It's a stable company and a place I would recommend.
I have been with Quest for almost 2 years now and it is like any other laboratory settings. Quest is a large enough company that you can transfer within and the benefits are decent and affordable. I feel that there are some people in leadership that shouldn't be there, but again, that is in any type of industry. If you are looking for growth, it is there.
Not a good company to work for. Always short staffed, unorganized, poor management. The company doesn’t give raises. Not fair with the employees, favoritisms with certain employees.
Overall the job is average. the pay is less than i expected and the hours are longer than i had hoped for. the management seems to lack experience and it shows at the lower levels, but the higher levels seem to be a little better. there is no real interaction between higher ups and the lower workers and change is slow but the company is large so it is to be expected. the benefits are sub par and the overall care to the employees is low so i wouldn't make a career here unless you plan to move up. at the higher levels the rewards and compensation are drastically upgraded and the ability to move up the ranks is available to those who want it.
I love quest. This was the best decision i ever made and i hope i stay with the company a while. The managers are great to work with and they mostly have great coworkers. I love my job.
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Great management team and organization during training. The amount of work during each day was easily predicted allows us to operate and plan more efficiently. The only downfall is that there are always a handful of open positions within the lab due to it being an easy stepping stone into other positions within the company. Lacking an entirely full staff leads to a lot of opportunity for over time.
So far, its been a good learning experience. The management can do better with being transparent and communicating changes in the work place as they happen.
Quest Diagnostics is the leading laboratory all over the world. The technology is state of the art. They have all the latest tests, software , and best trained staff. The company is wonderful to work for. They take great care of there employees.
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