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14500 W Colfax Ave Space FC06
Lakewood, CO 80401
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I work at the Qdoba located at Bloomsburg University. This is my first time working at a fast food chain and I would have to say my experience was great. It helped me work on and better my personal flaws, such as communication and leadership skills.

However, one thing Qdoba needs to work on would be their organization and communication skills. There was situations that weren’t so great because of lack of communication but in the end we worked together to get pass it. Working as a team is always a satisfying factor at a job!
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Great Restaurant, good quality food, and even better quality people. Fresh food and management take care of employees and workers no matter what. Always looking to improve the place and keep it clean with the goal of satisfying the customer. The restaurant is always kept clean to ensure high quality and good tasting food is served with love to the customers. Great food, great people, one of the best fast-casual restaurants out at the moment for consumers of all aspects of life to enjoy. Alway receives compliments on how tidy the workspace is.
I liked the team environment, but the hours and conditions of labor were unpleasant. Pay and hours are not so great, neither are benefits, raises, or promotion opportunities. This company regularly hires from the outside rather than from within. They expectation has always been to look good on paper... Whether by reviews or numbers. There is no real support for learning things you haven't been trained on that you are expected to complete. They expect the world from you no matter the situation and expect you to be able to keep employees that they refuse to give decent hours and pay to.