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14500 W Colfax Ave Space FC06
Lakewood, CO 80401
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I work at the Qdoba located at Bloomsburg University. This is my first time working at a fast food chain and I would have to say my experience was great. It helped me work on and better my personal flaws, such as communication and leadership skills.

However, one thing Qdoba needs to work on would be their organization and communication skills. There was situations that weren’t so great because of lack of communication but in the end we worked together to get pass it. Working as a team is always a satisfying factor at a job!
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After graduating high school and fearing at the prospect of being an adult, I joined Qdoba's team for two years starting as just a server. In this time, I learnt a great deal on the industry, especially when I became a supervisor.
Overall, it was a rewarding two years. With flexible hours, especially after receiving seniority was essential once college classes started up and little freshman me feared of being overwhelmed. My manager was understanding when I changed my availability to completely free to only a few days and times a week as I took morning and night classes.
Becoming a supervisor had its own pluses, especially in teaching me filing and reporting, as well as the significance of it being correct. It also provided the opportunity to act as a leader, managing a small team to run sometimes smooth and other times hammered shifts. It gave a chance to make the calls and experiences the consequences, the good and the bad to myself or my team.
The people are always great to work with. If you apply yourself pay can be competitive. Lots of chances to move up and advance career opportunities. Communication can sometimes be a little spotty depending on who your particular higher ups are as I assume is with any company (I have worked for many stores and districts in multiple states) benefits are available for shift leads who work more than 25hrs a week and given to all job titles ranking higher (AM, RM, ext.)