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Providence Regional Medical Center Everett Reviews

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As a nurse here at the Providence, I enjoyed my work experience with good supportive environment. I am trying out new setting at this time, but I would go back and worked there again. Compassionate coworkers and having multiple resources that I can rely on were always so helpful.
Good benefits, difficult management. Average compensation. Many floors self-schedule making it nice for parents and work-life balance. Fellowship opportunities often available.
The past three years at Providence I have had the opportunity to not only work as a registered nurse, but also experience what it is like to have a family member admitted and cared for. While my mother was in the hospital I felt that all of the hospital staff did a wonderful job of providing care for her. As an employee, I have had multiple growth opportunities. I feel that the management on my specific floor is very supportive of its employees. One thing that I wish Providence, as a company, would change is to stop taking away benefits from its employees.
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I have enjoyed working at Providence. I do wish we would have better staffing, compensation and benefits. My co-workers are great and work incredibly hard to do a good job despite on the job stress and sometimes, chronic understaffing.
I work at providence and have been a patient there, my experience as an employee has been good! I enjoy taking care of others, and providence does a good job of taking care of their employees. I was a patient there and half of my stay was good, the other half not so good.
Higher compensation to be able to keep up with the cost of living. I appreciate the opportunity to work at this hospital as it prepares me to enter into a demanding profession as an RN.
Providence Hospital is a grate place to work. You are treated like family with your co- workers. Most everyone had been there a long time. Its a grate stable place to work in any department.
The pay is acceptable except during double shifts. Cnas should get double pay during last four hours of work. Also need more staff on the floor I work. Not enough cnas to bathe everyone everyday to prevent infections.
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