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818 Riverside Avenue
Adrian, MI 49221
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Promedica Bixby Hospital Reviews

3 reviews
Since I have worked for Promedica they have always work with my school schedule and allowed me the time off I need to pursuit my schooling to further my career in the medical field. I have alway just let me scheduler know what days I need off and she has always made sure that I had them. They have always let me be exempt from any mandatory shift if I had class the next morning. My goal is to stay with Promedica once I graduate and work in their Operatering Room. I hope that this will happen because even thought I am furthering my medical career I want to further it with the Promedica medical system.
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When my father passed away I was working and living in Toledo Ohio and I needed to move back to Michigan, my manager helped me transfer easily back to Michigan to take care of my mother.
This is a big system with many hospitals. There is a lot of lateral movement within positions as nurses. It is so big that you can be overlooked for promotions and or better positions within your profession. You have to claw your way up if you want to.