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Everyone is so eager to teach one another, to learn and grow. It is a company in which we can help our community to grow as well.
Your experience working with this company will HIGHLY vary depending on your upline. Make sure your upline is well trained and involved in your training so you aren't left in the dust on your own.
I love that the management is encouraging, supportive, and pushes me to be better without being condescending or negative. The flexible work hours and travel compensation is a huge perk. They always encourage and recognize hard work and promotions.
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This company introduced me to the financial world, which has become a passion of mine. I got my Life License, & am currently studying for my Securities licenses at no cost to me. Really positive work environment in the Tarrytown, NY office that I work out of. Eddie & Sandra Gonzalez, SNSD are phenomenal leaders.
It is faced paced, encouraging and everyone is there to help. My manager is awesome and once you realize the potential and the reason you are doing the work, you get so into the work that the money just comes. Also, they pay for your licensing which is unheard of in this organizations.
Great people doing things that are bettering people and also giving them the insurance you need and helping others by giving your self the lead way into your future
The environment is positive. The company is great! I wish I would have gotten introduced to the company sooner.
Insurance agent, not a big fan of the pyramid scheme. Hard to get established at the place. Sales are based on referrals which means you have to know alot of people or be super outgoing to be able to somewhat succeed. Cant ever see myself working full time at this place.
The initial interviews make it seem very easy and simple. Although the company is rooted well and does provide good services to people, making money with the company is much more difficult than the agents make it seem when they prospect.
My experience with Primerica is that they provide excellent education and growth opportunities. I have been an agent and now I'm working on becoming a licensing coach. I'm an independent contractor, which gives me the flexibility I need to raise my family.
This company cares about the agents working with them, and the clients they have. The agents make sure each person has the right coverage for what they can afford, helps them save money in areas the client didn’t know about (or couldn’t do on their own).
legal company but uses your family in order to make sales instead on focusing on helping peoples financing like the job discussed
Great company love the environment and opportunity that’s provided I would like to see more offices in ny
It’s fun and interest. Everyone is caring and inderstandable. There is a lot benefit and a lot of features and trips you can join. You can visit the big office.
The company Is very good about helping you with financial needs and educated you on finances . Also a really good environment for moving up in the company
Im a new representative for Primerica. I sell life insurance and work to get promotions and recruits. I like how all of the reps can work around our own schedule and time. There is nothing I would change about this program. Working for Primerica is a great opportunity gaining an abundant amount of sales experience.
The process is simple. With focus and drive, anyone can win. The compensation is great and assistance is always available. Everyone wants you to win.
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My overall experience has been mostly great in the company. I focus on selling life insurance to families. Most people that end up applying for it tell their friends about it and their friends contact me increasing my sale goals. Once i find my clients my tasks in the company are basic and easy, no hassle just sell insurance. The company itself doesn't believe in advertisement and gets its clientele from recommendation making it harder to obtain customers. Majority of the people I speak to never heard of Primerica, most think i'm running a scam but ones they move past that and see result they recommend their friends and family. It would be alot easier if the company mad advertisement or allowed for us to go door to door in order to promote the brand rather than wait for a satisfied customer to recommend us.
Primerica is a very diverse company that focuses on the wellbeing of others. Their whole mission is to help every family to be properly protected, especially when you lose a loved one. Primerica focuses on investments and Insurances, they are very devoted when it comes to your training and if you don't feel like you are ready to go on your own, they will not give up on you. In Primerica you are not treated as an employee but you are treated as family and if you are going through a difficulty situation, they are always there to help.
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