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This was the most horrible place I ever worked at. A horrific boss and lab bullies to match her disgusting demeanor.
This company does a great job of making you feel like a part of a team but that communication cuts off just above the regional level. The company has a tendency to focus on sales and profit and not customer service.
if you are looking for a simple job that easy yet consistent then this job is for you. You have to be a dedicated and trustworthy worker. The inspections you are required to know will change there expectations, but the job will still be easy. They work off of three eight hour shifts, and require you to call in ahead of time if something comes up. The supervisors and managers are very understanding and will work with you. You will be given instruction on how to check your work along with someone giving you hands on experience, until you are comfortable and confident enough to do it yourself. this job will take up a lot of your time, so request days off ahead of time. You will be required to wear long sleeve company shirts given to you, along with steel toe boots and black dickies or dickies like pants.
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Depending on where you work, it's the classic case of bad management, and too much work with not enough pay.
Work place is very friendly but management could improve. There are opportunities for growth if you push hard and show interest. There are also many PPG locations that you may transfer to if there are job openings.
For the most part the job is great, the only real wild factor in whether or not I enjoy it is the other employees, but that same thing can be said about anywhere.
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