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475 Valencia Street 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
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I'm able to have more time to work when I have time. During 11am-2pm all deliveries made gets a bonus $5. When I need some cash quickly, I just hop onto my Fleet app that works with POSTMATES. If someone has a PayPal account, they may get their money instantly and cash out no matter what's in your account. You also get tips, meet new people daily, and learn more about my city, the streets, etc. It's the best job I have found on accident!
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I like the open schedule, its flexible for my school schedule. If i need money for class projects or lunch, I drive a couple hours. Downside is you often make less than minimum wage (even in LA). Upside is you can cash out quickly and get that bite to eat before class!
You can deliver stuff even if you don’t have a car. You can use a scooter, bicycle, or even walk.All the information is shared through the app, so it’s flexible and can be handy even if you are on the move.You have the flexibility to get paid weekly or you can cash out instantlyThe drivers keep all the tips;- no cuts are taken by the company. Postmates also offers “Blitz” bonuses when you work during busy hours.