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Piedmont Henry Hospital Reviews

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Piedmont has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people work hard while others goof off. Some are genuinely concerned about patients and their wellbeing. Others are there just for a paycheck. Management appears to be concerned but their actions don't line up with their words.
I have been with Piedmont for almost four years. I absolutely love my job and everything about it. My bosses are kind and friendly and my co-workers are like my family.
It's a decent place to work the hospital still needs a not of work as it seems to be a bit outdated compared to other hospital's I've worked for however everyone has to start somewhere.
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It’s a decent hospital and it is continually improving. There needs to be more of a focus on advancing technology for the employees.
I have worked the floor here for a little over a year. There is a serious nursing shortage here and the pay is not so good. The management is not a stable as I am used to at other hospitals. The floor I work on is very fast paced which is fine (it makes the time go by faster), however, it can be mentally draining at times.
On December of this year I underwent surgery. I had to stay over night and received the best care ever. The nurses made sure my pain was managed and educated me on what to expect. My room was kept nice and tidy and the environment was quiet and healing.
Overall, working at Piedmont Henry is enjoyable. Staff work well together to meet and exceed the needs of patients. Frequently, the employees in the department I am in, meet outside of work to attend events and have dinner. I would encourage others the seek work with this organization.
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