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Petco is honestly one of the most inclusive environments I've ever worked in. You can genuinely tell they care about their employees and the well being of the animals they sell. They only thing I wish was that the training for animals was a bit more rigorous. Especially with reptiles, they're extremely hard to care for and not being able to give a customer proper knowledge is a bit of an issue.
Petco is a fine place to work overall. Like many large corportaions it has many things it could stand to improve on. They treat their employees fairly, and pay them reasonably for their work. There is a high turnover and many stores are often understaffed. The job I applied for was not the one I got and this appears to be the case often. I spent most of days behind a cash register grinding away. There are many opportunities to move around in the company, I went from cashier to a groomer and that was a significant improvement.
Managers and coworkers make working here a very fun experience. When it comes to learning about tasks and certain jobs, they make the process fairly easy as well. I have worked for the company for nearly four years and have loved it since I am an animal major and plan to work with animals after I graduate as well. There could definitely be more time for training added to help get the full background of everything that needs to be done, but for the most part it is very straightforward and an easy learning process. I plan to stay with the company for as long as I can.
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I really enjoy working for Petco. I like helping people find what they need to take care of their furry, feathered, slimy, and scaly friends.
I’ve worked with the company for three years and have enjoyed it very much. This is a job that gave me easy access to leadership opportunities and valued responsibility. A job that is fast paced and gives you experience and knowledge in the animal field.
I worked as a pet stylist in the grooming department at Petco. The pay can be good, hours can be flexible but the management was horrible. the work environment was negative and people did not feel supported as a team
I loved the variety of people I have gotten to meet during my time with petco, one of whom has become my best friend. There have been trying times while with the company primarily due to upper management not communicating well with each other and enforcing different things. However, overall my experience has been extremely positive with the customers, pay, and co workers!
It's alright overall, but the groomer compensation could be better. The company just rolled out a new plan that seems to be making it harder for groomers to earn what is made at other companies. Regional management could be more in touch with their stores and employees, that being said the benefits are good.
The change I would like to see is more consideration to the employees in regards to company policy frequently changing.
I liked working with pet owners and helping find then everything they needed. But it didn't seem like the company cared too much for the animal's well beings.
I love working at Petco as a dog trainer. I enjoy working with my co-workers and getting to interact with many different types of animals. You still have to deal with a variety of customers, but it is still retail. One of the biggest downfalls of working there is they aren't very up to day technology wise and finding something broken is common.
I have worked for Petco for about nine months now. I am only part time because I am a college student. With my store, I feel like we need to hire more people. I feel like we don't have enough employees. I am a Merchandise Operations Specialist so I should be doing jobs related to the merchandise. However, many times I have the be the cashier because we simply have no one else to do it because I do not know very much about aquatics and reptiles so I'm the one that gets stuck up front all the time.
Petco is a great work environment, rewarding to see pets go to good owners, easy to work with managers, and everyone loves animals. Overall, it is a nice place to work and learn about animals that you didnt know very much about before.
I work in the dog daycare. The customers and staff have a very caring relationship. We take care if their dogs while they are at work.
I loved working here. I was able to play with and take care of animals all day, which is my absolute favorite thing to do! I was also a dog trainer and found it to be incredibly rewarding to see the progress that my clients made.
I enjoy training dogs. It is a great job for students. The commission allows me to work less hours while I’m in school. And the rewards of helping people make their dogs turn into part of their family.
I enjoy the work environment. I have worked with Petco throughout my undergraduate studies and the company has been very flexible working with me and my busy school hours. The companies values for pet health and nutrition are outstanding and their vision is like no other. Petco makes marketing decisions based on customers and not on profit. They truly understand and value their guests.
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It is fast paced and requires continuous learning of animals. The employees all love to work with animals and enjoy interacting with the pets that come in on a day to day basis. The atmosphere is friendly and welcomes customers to ask for help in order to leave satisfied and with the proper tools for their animals. It is usually easy to ask for days off as long as you give an adequate amount of notice. Management interacts good with their employees and provides them with the information they need to get better.
I am a dog trainer at Petco. Every day, I meet and get the opportunity to help amazing people with their puppies, troubled dogs, and teach them how to properly care for and train them. I'm always learning something new and doing something different. It's fast paced most days and I'm certainly never bored.
This job is good for college students since it is flexable. I work at petco out of vetco as at vet assistant but I had to put down something different because I could not find that. The job is easy to learn and the people are nice to work with.
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