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10850 Via Frontera
San Diego, CA 92127
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Petco Animal Supplies Inc. Reviews

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I loved the variety of people I have gotten to meet during my time with petco, one of whom has become my best friend. There have been trying times while with the company primarily due to upper management not communicating well with each other and enforcing different things. However, overall my experience has been extremely positive with the customers, pay, and co workers!
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My experience at Petco Animal Supplies has been one of both minimal fulfillment and trauma. While I feel the CEO of the company is a very good leader and both a person for the people and animals. He has done this buy giving out minor payouts to employees during these harsh economic times with covid-19 twice now. And, he has began to cut many popular brands from the shelves as they aren't as nutritionally beneficial for animals health. Ultimately the company, or at least the branch in central Florida is not up to code to my standards. I feel my situation is traumatic for me as I frequently got sick at work despite having a strong immune system. I later found out that this was because wild rodents had infested the building. And rather than taking the necessary steps to close down the store and rid the vermin, my superiors opted to merely do damage control for the past 5 months as they sought to only limit the number of vermin instead of exterminating them. This decision left many sick.
I was with Petco for 5 years and was able to expand my retail skills. I started as a sales associate and worked my way up through each department manager and eventually assistant store manager. Retail life is tough, even in a store with pets and pet rescues. There is a lot of pressure to be able to educate people on pet care, nutrition, and also providing excellent customer experiences. One of the hardest aspects to manage was lack of hours, your store is given a standard hour set each week that must be followed, even if some tasks can't be completed that way. I think the company needs to help work on flexibility or providing more, so that the store can run effectively without stressing out all of the employees.