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10850 Via Frontera
San Diego, CA 92127
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Petco Animal Supplies Inc. Reviews

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I loved the variety of people I have gotten to meet during my time with petco, one of whom has become my best friend. There have been trying times while with the company primarily due to upper management not communicating well with each other and enforcing different things. However, overall my experience has been extremely positive with the customers, pay, and co workers!
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It was really fun to work with a animals every day. However, I was not paid well and one of the stores I worked for was a very old store and corporate would not give it proper renovations (security cameras or better grooming facilities, for example). I was actually a part of a class action lawsuit because I was a grooming training student and had to out of pocket my own tools!
Managers and coworkers make working here a very fun experience. When it comes to learning about tasks and certain jobs, they make the process fairly easy as well. I have worked for the company for nearly four years and have loved it since I am an animal major and plan to work with animals after I graduate as well. There could definitely be more time for training added to help get the full background of everything that needs to be done, but for the most part it is very straightforward and an easy learning process. I plan to stay with the company for as long as I can.