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17197 N Laurel Park Dr #402
Livonia, MI 48152
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Friendly and awesome managers, need better pay though. The managers are always there to help you when needed. They work with you and understand you. They are non judgmental and welcoming to everyone and anyone.always encourage to work together as a team and not be afraid to work together. They care about your overall work ethic. The experience working here is very knowledgeable and socially diverse. I learned many new things about animals from fish to dogs and cats.
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I enjoy working at Pet Supplies Plus. It is a decent, flexible job to have that offers average pay, and is good for a first time worker, such as myself. Some days are long, however almost all of the work is entirely manageable and can be done during my shift. I rarely, if ever, have to stay overtime, and my managers are friendly and willing to help me negotiate if I require time off. The management is somewhat messy, however for the most part employees are happy to complete their work.
I work at the Pet Supplies Plus in Springfield, IL. I have been there for almost two years and I love it. The store itself is so welcoming. Its fun to work there and my co-workers are all very nice. I recommend Pet Supplies plus to any pet owner, they have everything you need there. If you need any help with anything, the employees would be glad to help you.