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I work as a merchandiser in Illinois. I love my boss and all of my co-workers, and usually if I have an issue with the store I'm at, my boss will move me. The pay and benefits are great.
It is a great diverse company that makes working there a joy. You get up with the desire to go to work.
I have enjoyed working for Pepsi. They have taken care of me as an employee and I really appreciate that. Working for Pepsi has given me an opportunity to complete school. I have worked for other competitors of Pepsi and Pepsi has been far superior to the others.
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PepsiCo is a great place to work. They offer many great benefits such as wellness programs, tuition reimbursement program,medical and retirement benefits, and advancement opportunities. They also have a great culture and work environment.
Theres a ton of free food and clothing that comes with this role. Im excited to see the lives our work affects and how we can improve the lives of future customers and stakeholders. Summers are especially busy and things can get kind of hectic but once summer is over, things quickly cool down which allows you to focus on family during the holidays.
My Experience was fine, quite good, until i was employed at the Hayward Production facility. Supervisors did not work with employees to create a positive work environment.
PepsiCo has truly been great to me! In my brief time working here I have been flown out to the sales regions to conduct trainings for my various teams, been given key decision-making ability, implemented multiple million-dollar decisions, and paired with the new class of employees to aid in their transition. I have been enrolled in numerous trainings for both hard and soft skills where I have been coached to really develop my business acumen and skills. My manager is a huge asset to me, advocating for my work to upper management, as well as critiquing when needed. I have been paired with Directors and Vise Presidents to add additional coaching, as well recommended for the Potential Leadership program. They truly are a development culture.
Although I haven't been anywhere near any Pepsi company, I'll just judge them by their main drink. The company is certainly doing a pretty good job at creating their drinks with an awesome taste. So I'll give it 4 stars.
I like my place of employment. The reasons are that its a short commute, it has competetive pay. The benefits are adequate and are divided between employee and company. My facility is union backed for hourly employees. The management is not backed by a union.
Amazing work life balance and investment in continuing education. We have an online university to learn all aspects of the organization. The company encourages employee resource group networking, to engage employees, give back to the community and hangout/learn from folks with similar interests. I love it here.
Pepsi brings a refreshing taste to a hot summer day, a long day at work, and life to a party. Where ever I go, I know that if I am parched or need a bit of flavor, I can grab an ice cold Pepsi and be satisfied
Love working here! It is such an amazing experience. I am so happy to be a part of this work family!
I love pepsi! They are such a great company and they treat me very well. I’m gonna go to school through Pepsi and move up as much as i can
Management is very supportive of frontline employees and they want to see everyone succeed. Everyone works so well together and can turn tough situations into something pleasant.
The work is pretty easy and most of the time rewarding. All the drivers are friendly and everyone gets along. Most of the drivers have been here well over 20 years. I love my job and my management team. Pepsi offers manager training to help you advance your career. They offer 401k match, vacation, and good medical benefits. I enjoy going to work and can't wait to find out what the day has in store for me. In recent years Pepsi has looked into diversifying their product line to attract a more health conscious customer and it seems to be working.
PepsiCo is such a great place to work and advance in. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I have made a few good friends already and I have only worked there a few months!
What I like about the company is the quarterly bonus we receive every quarterly. The meetings that are held twice a week are fun. The way management make them fun is by giving prizes if you answer the question correct.
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You know this and that. But it could be better if they didn't do this certain thing. But you can't stop Pepsi, so no need in trying because it's a big corporation. You have to work there to understand the ins and outs, and the day to day life that goes on there. So in conclusions they could could improve the way they work, and how the hire people, but I'm not a CEO. so what do I know. I just work in a office doing day to day stuff. I keep to myself, I get in and I get out. That's how it is sometimes.
My experience at Pepsico was astounding. The absolute perfect company to work for. Very diverse company. Lots of mentors and people that really care. I cant really think of anything that i would like to change. Hands down!!! 5 star company to work for.
The staff is friendly, along with great work atmosphere. Management helps you and works with you. Has good benefits along with paid time off.
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