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2222 N Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
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Centura Health has been around for quite some time and their mission statement is to help heal the sick and nurture the health of the community. They have often excelled in doing that. I enjoy the people I work with; we are a team and that is evident to patients, families of patients, and other visitors. As with many hospitals nationwide, Centura is experiencing many layoffs due to severe financial crisis. Because of this, many who have worked tirelessly in Centura for even 30+ years are suddenly without a job. This is distressing and drops morale. Many find themselves criticizing administration for this, as we never understand what is happening to all the money that Centura is recieving and why it isn't being spent on keeping valuable employees.
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Very friendly, positive team! I work in the recovery room with a great team of coworkers. My experience with other staff members from other department is also positive.
The hospital overall is clean with friendly staff and patients. Compensation is pretty fair. The benefits are great but takes too much time to kick in. For example, profit sharing and tuition reimbursement are not given until you have been employed with the hospital for a full year. Tuition reimbursement also requires you to stay employed for a year after you have been reimbursed. The on-call pay is great, but they only give a minimum of 1 hr if called in. National average is 4 hrs is called in, even if you are only in for less than 4 hours.