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I love working at the Peet's coffee shop I work at. The people that I work with and customers are very friendly and have a great energy. One thing I would like to see changed is the protective gear for employees during this time with COVID-19.
Peet's Coffee is a great place to work at if you are a student because of the benefits and flexible schedule. There is very good costumer interaction throughout at store, as well as coworker relationships. The atmosphere is good as well, fast paced but also easy to handle and not overwhelming. There are also opportunities to advance in the company, no matter where you start, or your age.
Peet's is a wonderful place to work. I love the atmosphere, people, and pay! They really do treat their employees like family, and I always feel acknowledged and appreciated for what I do.
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Friendly environment that promotes growth. I enjoy seeing my coworkers and everyday is a new adventure whether we get a limited addition coffee in or we are learning new information about the region it’s from.
I love how committed all the employees are to their craft. They want to provide the best experience from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave.
Working for Peet's was a great opportunity. I received multiple promotions in a short amount of time and was compensated more than fair. Peet's tries to give as many opportunities for pay raises as possible, with increased pay rates after barista training and with yearly reviews. Sometimes district leaders put a lot of pressure on their store managers, which is unfortunate, and they tend to move managers around a lot. Otherwise, this was a great company to work for.
I love working at Peet's! All of the employees are so nice and fun to work with. Getting to make drinks, like lattes and cappuccinos, is so much fun. I love getting to make relationships with regular customers and having conversations with everyone.
I love working for this company. Upon first arriving here, I noticed the way the company truly cares for their employees. There are certain rules in place, like opening the restaurant in two's, not taking out the trash after dark, etc., that are put in place specifically to protect the employees. It's a really nice change from other places I've worked. It's also nice to be proud of what I make and serve to customers. I'm currently in the process of becoming an advanced barista and I've spent the last few weeks training for my upcoming test. I feel proud to say I work here.
It's a great work environment. I love my managers and my coworkers and by managers are very understanding of my school schedule and the restrictions I have as a full-time student.
I loved working for this face paced company. Tons of hours and great benefits. It was very flexible with my school schedule and home life. I was promoted fairly quickly and tips were also accepted
Peet’s Coffee is an excellent company to work for. They show care and compassion for their employees, and I have learned skills and passion for a coffee in a way I never thought I would. The team at Peet’s is committed to quality for both employees and customers alike. Although, I hope that they improve their process for promotion within the company. I have a few coworkers who deserve better positions than those they are in, and opening more brick and mortar stores to keep those hardworking people in the company would be a great thing.
I love working at Peet's, the company takes care of it's employees and, of course, the coffee is delicious.
Worked here for 3 years, I have many lovely memories of the co-workers and the customers. I miss working here and always grab a coffee there when I see a Peet's locally.
Working for Peet's was exciting as thry really invested in employee's knowledge base on their products. There were benefits of product daily for each employee, that was a perk. But the lack of steady hours and lack of value for the hardworking employees is what made working here difficult. Management favored certain employees and would give them more hours than others when unnecessary, some of which lacked merit to deserve that allowance.
It allows for flexibility for my studies while showing me for business skills that will come in handy later on in life.
Peets has many wonderful traits. They have an abundance of passionate, caring people working for them at all times. There are many learning opportunities to learn more about the craft of coffee. At times, the company can seem misguided while trying to find their focus. Standards change constantly. I am grateful for part time (21 hours) 401k and medical benefits.
Peet's is committed to training you well initially. It was encouraging to be invested from the get-go. However, that momentum waned quickly. The management is more concerned with their personal lives, than with their professional conduct.
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It is a great place to work and the customers are amazing for the most part.
The only thing I don’t really like is the management and how certain stressful and personal situations are handled.
In an industry where craft coffee is booming, Peet's has definitely established itself as a front runner of superb coffee. While being a private company, I've been able to work my way from a Retail Associate to a Shift Lead in a short amount of time. The company ensures that we're efficiently trained and are very transparent with their products. My store in particular has an amazing staff run by probably one of the best managers ever. Having health, vision, and dental insurance is a plus and we also have an option for higher education! I can definitely see myself with Peet's for a long time.
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