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3401 Enterprise Parkway Suite 200
Beachwwod, OH 44122

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3 reviews
PCC Airfoils is a manufacturing plant that produces castings mainly for the aerospace industry, but also for other industries as well. I am a mechanical engineering co-op working there. I enjoyed my experience very much as it is a good teacher as to how real engineering problems are made and solved. The problems were not easy and did not have a common solution. You had to think outside the box, which I liked. However, the problem with working there is that there is never any new product coming through. They are all existing jobs that have had the same problems for years. Once you solve those problems, new ones will not show up.
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Hot, loud and was always exhausting. Constantly leave work with the stressful feeling that you have to come back the next day and do it all over again.
It's a wonderful place to have on your resume and the benefits are hard to match, pretty standard and competitive with the market. The problem is your voice really doesn't matter, actually YOU don't matter. There are a few good people there who care, but they are not powerful enough to change the culture of the place. The bottom line is all that matters. Supervision is disrespectful and stressed out, and their bosses aren't very sympathetic, they are power driven to a fault, and administration, including HR unfortunately, is a part of the "good ole boy" system. Bad practices are overlooked and never corrected, foul play is secretly encouraged, promotions are NOT based off of merit and operators are treated as modern day slaves. Work-life balance, ha! There isn't one.