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Excellent company with unlimited opportunity for growth. Great benefits. Culture is my favorite part of working at Paycom.
Paycom offers a prestigious status in the world of sales with their intensive training program, but offers little work life balance. This company is perfect for those willing to dedicate 70% of their time to being the best of the best.
Paycom has been encouraging in my pursuit of further education. My department works with me so that I can accomplish life goals outside of the organization, and gives me the necessary tools to excel within. Paycom has many events that celebrate employee life. They offer classes such as Speech and Leadership and even a quarterly painting class!
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It's a great place to work. The facilities are nice and most of the people are great to work with. Most of the positions have opportunities for advancement.
The workplace is great, friendly and intelligent employees. Most secure working environment i have ever seen.
This is a great place to work after college and work your way up to leadership positions. They have great pay, lunch and fun classes to enhance your learning. I also love going to the gym before work and during lunch. I can't think of a greater place to work at with great people than here.
Honestly, Paycom is a really great company. They take great care of their employees. Paycom is home away from home. I would definitely recommend checking them out. The company is on the rise and there isn't much I would want to change about.
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