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259 W Santa Clara St
Ventura, CA 93001

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This is an awesome retail company to work for- we sell clothes, but we’re also in the business to save our planet.
Our stores give grants to local environmental non profits, we get paid to volunteer at creek clean ups, and we get reimbursed to ride our bike to work. This is not your typical retail store!
Our atmosphere is laid back but compassionate and supportive towards our customer’s needs. We don’t make an exceptional amount of money, but the work is very fulfilling- it’s in support of something way bigger than selling clothes, and that makes all the difference.
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Worked retail part-time for several months. Manager and co-workers were subtly racist. Lots of microaggressions. If a white customer acted suspicious nothing was done. If a black customer came in at all they were monitored and second-guessed, even if there was nothing to cause suspicion. They refused to train me on the register, however everyone else working there (including other part-time, short-term employees) was trained. I was the only black person working there.
The work atmosphere is inviting and encouraging. Everyone that I work with has an open mind about our changing world, and is always interested in hearing new perspectives - whether it's about operational work things or about more universal topics. I feel like I am supported by the people I work with, and I feel like I am communicated with in a very wholesome manner about anything that might affect me. Especially with the COVID crisis that has happened, people who work in the corporate side of Patagonia have done everything they can to make sure that we know just as much as they do regarding any changes they choose to make. I feel not like I am an employee of the Patagonia company, but rather that I am a member of the Patagonia community. I am very proud and honored to work for such a dynamic workplace, and one that is focused on the wellness of the planet - not just the well-being of their profit.