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80 Grasslands Road
Elmsford, NY 10523
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I work as a retail associate at Party City. I enjoy the relationships I have with my co-workers, as well as my managers. Being that most people are parents, planning parties or preparing for holidays, most individuals come in with already a high level of stress. I'm proud of the people I work with for always having a positive attitude and aiming to help even in these frustrating situations. Being that I started as a temporary worker around Halloween, I'm happy to have stayed on with the company for the past 3 months. Staff is reduced dramatically and things definitely slow down after the rush of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, however, no Saturday will ever be boring at this store (birthday parties and balloon orders all day)! However, working at one of the busiest stores in South Florida, I'm sure daily operations are slightly different at each store. Overall, Party City has been my favorite part time customer service job and I'm happy to have stayed with the company.
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I enjoy working at party city because it’s never boring. The clientele is always diverse and interesting. My favorite thing to do while I’m working is to help customers with ballon orders. I enjoy getting to know them and helping with their party decor. The conversations I have with customers and the experiences I share are almost unbelievable. I am learning so much about customer service, business practices, people and about myself. I don’t work many hours each week because I volunteer at a theatre company and I also participate in my age group there and am a member of drama club at school. I have found that having acting in my blood is one of the best tools I can use at party city. No matter what the situation, I can smile and make the customer happy!
Party city was fun and I had a lot of opportunities to learn new things and the chance to be promoted. I was personally promoted 3 times within 8 years. Unfortunately while my pay raised so did minimum wage right behind it. I was a steady 2 dollars over minimum wage but I did not believe that was acceptable for being a manager. I was also running the personalization station alone and training other employees from other stores. When trying to bring up a pay raise I was consistently told to wait. It was super unfortunate because besides the pay I loved my co-workers and I loved the tasks even though it could be quite difficult. I left party city after having my first son and the personalization station closed down and never reopened since I did not return. They lost a lot of business and an employee that would have gone above and beyond for them if they would have just compensated more fairly.