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2215 Union Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081
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Papa Murphy's provides helpful and caring customer service with hard working individuals, offering a head start to Papa Murphy's employees. Employees are taught thoughtful acts, such as an elder needing assistance transporting food to their car to sensitive issues of customer having a gluten allergy and needing specific ingredients when making their pizza(s).

Although anyone with the finances can invest and purchase their own franchise of Papa Murphy's, it takes a special individual to manage and operate a pizza place. Obviously, like any business, you have to expect the unexpected. Meaning, you should have money saved for unexpected expenses. There are problems when customers complain and want something for free when it truly doesn't see feasible. We live in a world filled with greed and you have to be able to go with the flow and maintain a positive attitude.
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The best part about working at Papa Murphy's was getting to meet all of my great coworkers that I am still friends with to this day! I have worked there for almost a year now and although I have not asked for a raise or promotion, I see one on the horizon. The location is great because it is within five minutes of my house and its hour of operation make my life so much easier. Had I gone with another job that closes at say 10 or 11, I would not have time for a social life or homework, but at Papa Murphy's I am able to get home with a decent enough time to complete my homework. Though, if I could change one thing about Papa Murphy's, I would change its employee ranking system. I think crew members should be able to ask for raises without having to be promoted to shift leader as well. That makes it hard to advance in Papa Murphy's since there are really only three ranks: crew, shift leader, and manager. But overall I am very pleased to have worked with Papa Murphy's.
Was just a general employee and ended up working for 9 months at a franchised, privately owned Papa Murphy's. There were several issues with people trying to use coupons or deals that we didn't accept at our store anymore. The other employees would sit in the back of the office and do drugs, but this may also be a common trend in other minimum wage jobs. On the bright side, employees get half off pizzas and tips.