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98-1079 Moanalua Road
Aiea, HI 96701
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Pali Momi Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
My experience with this company was less than average because of the patient to healthcare provider ratio on my floor during my employment. The patient demographic of our in-patients at the hospital come from backgrounds that had them weighing on the heavier side. For that reason, working as a Nurse Assistant on that floor with only one other partner for a 36-bed unit was detrimental to my physical health specifically my back. What they can improve on is staffing to help resolve and or relieve this constant burden.
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My children were first patients at Pali Momi before I worked there. I remember telling myself that I needed to apply here when returning to work. From the first introduction to the hospital in the ER to working the scenes as an employee- I have never worked at a more welcoming, friendly, competent place of employment.
Working at Pali Momi has allowed me to explore different opportunities and allowed me to gain experience in multiple area's in health care field. The family oriented environment makes it a pleasurable place to work.