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About Palestine Regional Medical Center...
2900 S Loop 256
Palestine, TX 75801
About the Area
  1. Crime & Safety
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  3. Diversity
  4. Nightlife
Area Feel
Sparse Suburban
Median Household Income
Median Rent
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Palestine Regional Medical Center Reviews

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My first shift out of school was with a preceptor that couldn't care less about me or the patients. The charge nurse was also the same way. The way I was treated made me come home every night in tears. After speaking with my supervisor, I was changed to the other shift, and it was so much better. These nurses actually cared about their patients and about teaching me. I injured myself on the job while lifting a heave patient, and the people in human resources did nothing to try to help me. They told me I was fired, and then said that they didn't really mean that. Overall, this whole experience has showed me how poor the inside is in the hospital.
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