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1035-116th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
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Overlake Hospital Medical Center Reviews

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Overlake hospital medical center is a fairly good hospital to work for, you get decent benefits for health and retirement, free employee parking, discount in the cafeteria, friendly people and an extensive human resource department that is very helpful.
The Cons are, they are the lowest paid medical center in the immediate area, the hospital has a very hard time fully staffing each department and the hospital is continually overly full of patients
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Great Place to work
Working at Overlake has been great. The people is why everyone stays, they are good people. I also have a great schedule so it allows me to have a home life.Experienced a variety of personality types while working in this clinic from doctors who thought they were God's gift to nurses who were the most gentle and caring humans on the planet and many people in between. I loved working with all of our patients and I learned so much in my time here. Not much room for growth. Decent starting salary and benefits.
It is obvious that the people who are hired here are very passionate about what they do, helping each other out and making the visit for the patients as great as possible.