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2202 N West Shore Blvd 5th Floor
Tampa, FL 33607
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Outback has great people working there! I loved the people I worked with and made life long friends! I feel like depending on the region is where you will be happiest. I had the opportunity of working at an Outback in Atlanta, GA, and I absolutely loved it! If the money was as good as the Washington, DC area it would have been great! My down fall with this company was management, not that they weren't good, but I found myself having to fend for myself, or being overly worked. I put in 90 hours in two weeks at one point of employment. In the Atlanta area I was able to move up and expand but while in the Washington DC Area I felt stagnant.
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I've been with Outback for about three years now. They are so so flexible when it comes to my school schedule, which makes it so hard to leave them because I know a lot of other places where there isn't much room when it comes to both your work and your school availability. The managers and co-workers make it fun and you want to be there. It's like a big family you love and get so attached to. Its hard not to love those you work with there. Not only are the managers and co-workers are wonderful but the customers sure do help too! There will be some bad days like most jobs out there but Outback has more good days than the bad ones.
I like working at Outback. The people who work there are like a family to me. For me it has been difficult to move up job titles. This is because we always seem to be short staffed for lower positions which causes me to be stuck in those roles. So the one thing I would change is to hire more people so people do not get stuck in lower positions just because they are short staffed. Also COVID-19 has shown me what type of company I work for. I know that overall Outback Steakhouse makes money. So I do not understand why the front line employees for this company are not being taken care of. I had to file for unemployment since my business shut down, well at least for sit down business. They are still open for take out, but that is not a job I do so I can not work during this time. The people in charge of this company should be taking care of the employees who do all the work for them.