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About Our Lady of The Lake Regional Medical Center...
5000 Hennessy Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
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I love the flexibility with hours, but the pay is well below that of similar organizations. Most managers are friendly l, but can be deceiving at times and not work with your best interest in mind. The benefits for full time employees are great, but pen and part employees receive the bare minimum or no benefits.
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I currently work at one of their Rehabilitation and Skilled Facilities and it is poor in the care area. They don’t provide us as workers with the necessary supplies we need to care for our residents. Lien, Wash clothes, bed pads, blood pressure machines, etc aren’t available for all of us to do our vital signs.
I would recommend anyone to work for this company. OLOL Hospital is a staple in the Baton Rouge community that provides quality healthcare to the community. I can see myself having a long term career with this place of employment. This hospital has helped me to gain experience in with degree and has provided me with the opportunity to meet some amazing people in the healthcare industry