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52 W Underwood St
Orlando, FL 32806
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Orlando Health is a nonprofit organization and gives back to the community. Orlando Health really struck my attention after the Pulse Night Club shooting as they quickly took in extra safety precautions for the employees and patients. They added more security features and implemented new and improved action plans to better treat their patients, especially foreign patients (as we know Orlando is one of the most tourist attractions). The staff goes above and beyond for their patients and strives to give the best care possible. Orlando Health really exceeds my expectations and they continue to strive to be the best hospital possible.
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Management staff at Orlando Health truly care about their employees by providing great benefits, quality training (ninety days worth) and paying differential based on various hours and holidays worked. The facilities are beautiful and the funding the hospitals receive are remarkable. It should provide comfort in applying and potentially securing a job at a facility that is doing extremely well financially. This company also offers tuition reimbursement after six months of active employment, a huge perk to college students.
Team members are helpful. Organization as a whole is one of the best in the region. I intend to work here while attending school and graduating. The education and employment opportunities are endless and since we are a teaching facilities, its only fitting to learn from the best.
Working with the amazing people I work with has really shown me how blood doesn't always determine family. My work family welcomed me with open arms when I first began my Orlando Health journey and they continue to support and uplift me. And like any family, there are obstacles but when we organize and work together we are a force to be reckoned with.