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About Orlando Foot & Ankle Clinic...
3165 McCrory Place Suite 174
Orlando, FL 32803

About Orlando Foot & Ankle Clinic

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Orlando Foot & Ankle Clinic Reviews

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My experience of working at Orlando Foot and Ankle Clinic has been amazing! First of all, I started out working in the office as a surgical coordinator. The work environment with the other associates is friendly, upbeat and encouraging. Working for doctors can sometimes be a challenge due to their strong personalities, but the doctors that I schedule for are very friendly, helpful and are great at what they do. When my husband and I decided to make a life change and move out of state, Orlando Foot and Ankle Clinic offered for me to work remotely. It has been the biggest blessing having the opportunity to work from practically any place with WiFi, and I could not have done it without the willingness and graciousness of Orlando Foot and Ankle Clinic.
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All the doctors are great and many locations throughout central Florida. My name is Toccara and I have worked for Orlando foot and ankle clinic for over 10 years. During my time working at Orlando foot and ankle I have had the pleasure of working with all the doctors at all 18 locations. This company is very diverse and well rounded in training all team members in all departments. As an Orlando foot and ankle employee I have assist to free X- Rays license and CPR courses In addition to three weeks paid vacation a Year. This company has grown dramatically over the past 10 years. Wonderful work environment.
All our doctors are board certified surgeons with many years of experience , they treat all there patients with the higest level of respect and loyalty.