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14301 Caliber Dr Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Reviews

3 reviews
I have loved working at Orange Leaf so much. I was among the first hired when a new branch opened in my home town. I enjoyed training with reps from the central office in Oklahoma and worked hard to make Orange Leaf a positive, clean, and enjoyable place to eat and work. My coworkers have always been lovely and I can’t say enough good things about my boss, Brad. I loved being a representative of the company through Facebook marketing, eating contests at our local county fair, and putting on the mascot costume in local parades.
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Although Orange leaf gives me a great availability that I love, they seem to under pay people for the job. I make more than most because I am a supervisor, yet the other coworkers don't make enough for what they are doing. I have been here for a year and it seems as though everyone quits after a few months.
For an entry level job for high school students looking to make a little extra money, it’s a pretty good fit. However, for anyone looking to pay rent or anything, it’s not the best.