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Oracle was a great place to start my life after graduating from college. Their "Class-Of" program was an excellent introduction into corporate life while transitioning with many peers in a similar position. I learned a lot about business and technology while growing my own personal and professional skills.
Working at Oracle was great. I learned an immense amount of information and gained knowledge and skills that prepared me for future opportunities!
I would say Oracle is the best company to work with and I consider myself privileged to be given an opportunity to work with a team of understanding and experienced management. It has excellent work life balance and optimal work from home opportunities in the time of urgency. Oracle processes are commendable and organized. It has a great scope of learning and improvement at all levels of designations.
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Oracle is a wonderful company. They provide a diverse and encouraging work environment. We focus on personal and professional growth with many opportunities. There is a focus on community and environment which make it a wonderful place to work. The company is ideal for self motivated and directed individuals but there is a strong sense of team work and an immense support system. I love working here and would recommend this company to anyone else.
What I like is meeting and communicating with customers and repairing customers equipment.
What I dislike is the procedure of how customers request service.
I feel that we are innovators in database technology. If you have any interest in working for an elite company then apply to Oracle.
The work is intellectually stimulating.. Great benefits and incentives for salespeople. Great culture and community. My manager gives us time to pursue topics that are beneficial to us as well as the company which makes it a great place to work.
My experience has been a busy, but fun one. Oracle has provided me with a chance to become more competive in this age of technology.
Overall, Oracle is a good place to land in your career. You will gain the experience of working in a large corporation while playing the part of an individual contributor. Oracle tends to be less than transparent in organizational goals and structure and compensation seems to have a large group across the levels. You are also graded on others for your compensation (i.e., if you making higher pay than others already you will not be receiving more money). Overall, the experience is worth it to at least experience different systems and the overall structure of such a large corporation. Appreciate the flexible working schedule (ability to WFH if needed) and unlimited vacation (if eligible).
Competitive environment. I loved going to work everyday and challenging myself to continue to prospect for new clients. Because of the new Austin office, the morale is high, as if we had a fresh start. The only thing I didn't like about Oracle is the slow growth rate, although the turn over rate is on average 1-1.5 years. The average rate to advance by promotion within the company is below average with 4-5.5 years
Great company with very competitive benefits. They have changed rapidly in the last couple of years trying to adapt themselves to the new world we live in
It gives excellent training and great compensation for college graduates. The work is not extremely difficult. But, it has a high turnover rate.
This is a fantastic company to work for with a multitude of opportunities. Oracle is the type of company that where you start your career is never where you end up. Learning and transitioning to new roles are encouraged.
I joined Oracle through an acquisition. In consulting, I largely get to work when I want (within reason) and get good pay. Not a focus on employee improvement/growth/training. High turnover.
Over eight years, Oracle is a very good company to work for overall. It has provided me with training and stability. The atmosphere is encouraging and friendly. It is mostly a self-service organized organization.
Fantastic environment, with exception, and respectful colleagues! It is a really lovely place of work.
Oracle is a grind. Tech sales are highly based off of call stats, clients are used to such terrible customer service that they never want to speak with you. Group of people akin to being back in a fraternity, as a female, this was exhausting. Do not recommend.
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