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They are very flexible with my hours and the environment is so positive. I would recommend working at old navy to anyone!
This is a very considerate company. They make a comfortable fun environment that makes it very easy to make a career out of. They let off the message of caring and no leaving anyone in the dirt that other companies lack.
I liked the experience I received at old navy. I would like to see the management team to either communicate better or have a different management team.
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I have worked here as a sales associate for a year and have found the job quite nice and even relaxing to an extent. The management can change fairly frequently which is why I put the rating as poor, not only that but management styles will change from person to person. The pay is pretty well for the job although doesn't have as big of promotions or at least as many promotions as I believe should be offered. Still a great place as a teen job for sales associate, and flexible manager schedule.
I have worked at Old Navy for a year and 7 months and I've loved it! Being in high school and having a busy schedule between school and sports I am able to have a flexible work schedule. My managers are all amazing individuals and together make a great team to work under with all being supportive of everything i go after in my live.
I love working at Old Navy! This was considered to be my very first "real" job and has taught me some real workplace and life skills. I have learned to interact with customers, work in teams, and the general management of having a job. My coworkers are absolutely amazing people that I truly consider friends and there is never a time when I don't want to come to work. They are so flexible and understanding with everyone whether a customer or an employee, and always looks for what's best for everyone in all situations.
It offers great benefits to employees but it is hard to get raises and feel like you are being paid fairly for your time you have been with the company.
The store is usually crowded because it's in downtown San Francisco, and there are a lot of tourists. The employees are pretty nice and the work load is usually pretty manageable, except during big sales or the holidays. If it's around those times, the store is super hectic and crowded. The employee discount is 50% off regular priced items, which could be better in my opinion.
love it, people and coworkers are fantastic and the workplace environment is top it, people and coworkers are fantastic and the workplace environment is top it, people and coworkers are fantastic and the workplace environment is top it, people and coworkers are fantastic and the workplace environment is top it, people and coworkers are fantastic and the workplace environment is top class.
This store hsa given me a wonderful opportunity to work for them, my manager and the staff are very nice and respectful and very understanding.
great place to work. flexible hours with awesome management. great discounts and fun environment to work. opportunities to move up in management. starting pay is good compared to some other entry level jobs, dont get raises often.
Amazing customer service, flexible work hours, great pay, great first job! I have worked here for a couple years now and couldn't be happier with my choice.
Old Navy as a retail location is an easy job. As most retail jobs go, it is a lot of work with little reward. The hours are felixible so itnis a great part time job to have as a student, but pay is minimum wage and there is never talk of moving up in the company.
I liked working here because it taught me how to communicate well with all kinds of people. I learned how to put in effort even for seemingly boring tasks, because it was satisfying to know I actually got work done. I did not like retail because Old Navy's products come through very fast, so it was hard to keep up with the endless folding, cleaning, and putting away of clothes this caused. Overall this job truly allowed me to come out of my shell and be confident in my customer service and communication skills.
One thing I liked at Old Navy was the diversity of my coworkers. The enviornment made you feel at home surrounded by colorful, kind people. I also liked that this job increased my socialization skills, taught me patience, and helped me become more mature as a person. Overall, this job contributed to making me a better person.
Working at Old Navy has provided me with a variety of learning experiences and opportunities to grow as a leader. I work with a team who, like me, works hard to achieve our company's goals and standards. In addition to this, my role as a Women's Lead has given me marketing and merchandising experience.
Overall, I've really enjoyed my experience at Old Navy! I've made so many new friends here that make my job fun and something to look forward to whenever I'm scheduled. I do wish there was a little bit more communication between the managers and the associates, however, because there are times where some of us can't come in when we're at college, so it can be difficult to know what exactly is going on at the store when we do come back (new policies, new methods of organization, etc.). However, we've been steadily improving that, and it makes me glad to know that the store I work at has managers that take the time to listen to the associates whenever we have suggestions for change or questions about certain things. It's definitely a great college job to have on the weekends!
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It was a great place to start learning the reality of needing to manage my time. Not just for my school and work but as well as extracurriculars I was involved it was a good teacher though sometimes would have to sacrifice having a good time to be a dependable employee.
Old Navy is a wonderful place to work if you are searching for a place to get experience. Working at Old Navy has helped me become better at managing my time and being able to full understand how to communicate and help customers. Working for Old Navy had offered me great opportunities to advance my career and has offered me a flexible schedule to reach my goals.
I really honestly love my job! I love selling a product that, for the most part, I feel is well made and sold at a reasonable price. I also think it's cool how seriously they take the safety and security of their employees. I am confident that if a customer or another employee made me uncomfortable in any way, that they would take me seriously. The employee discount is also very nice, 50% is almost enough to keep me there even if the environment wasn't so great.
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