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801 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Old Navy was my first retail job and they are always hiring and training new employees without prior retail experience making it a great company to start with! The job itself is pretty standard for retail, not too difficult besides the frequently fast-paced environment, forcing you to multitask which can get stressful. My main issue with the company is that your success as an employee is almost solely based on numbers and statistics rather than hard work and experience. Additionally, the company could do much more to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
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Overall, I've really enjoyed my experience at Old Navy! I've made so many new friends here that make my job fun and something to look forward to whenever I'm scheduled. I do wish there was a little bit more communication between the managers and the associates, however, because there are times where some of us can't come in when we're at college, so it can be difficult to know what exactly is going on at the store when we do come back (new policies, new methods of organization, etc.). However, we've been steadily improving that, and it makes me glad to know that the store I work at has managers that take the time to listen to the associates whenever we have suggestions for change or questions about certain things. It's definitely a great college job to have on the weekends!
Overall, working at Old navy is a very chill job. You have a lot of different options for jobs that you can do while there. You can work sales floor if you don't like registrar, or if you don't like talking with people you can work shipment in the early morning or overnight shifts! The only downsides to working with old navy is management. The managers at my store were very disorganized and catty. They would talk badly about staff and fellow managers behind their backs with staff members, they wouldn't schedule you if they didn't like you, and just overall did not provide team members with any support.